Welcome to the online home of Vital Connection

Vital Connection is a non-governmental organisation with the mandate to alleviate poverty in coastal and rural South Africa.

Vital Connection endeavours to empower people through a range of services, activities, information and training programmes.

Vital Connection is increasingly focused and socially responsive to the needs of vulnerable communities particularly women, children and disabled people.

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The cornerstone activities are:

• The sustainable use of natural resources

• Improving quality of life and advancing social justice.


Vital Connection is challenged with the following:

• Dire poverty

• Job creation and income generation.

• Building skills base and capacity.

• Advancing social relationships.

• Enhancing cultural norms and practises.

• Facilitating physical assets and infrastructure improvement

• Access to natural resources.


Our Mission Statement

Vital Connection enables the powerless, poor and vulnerable people

through comprehensivecommunity development services focussing on

environmental and social justice.

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